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“Enhancing the lives of our customers and employees one interaction at a time.”

About Appletree Answers

Appletree provides best-in-class call center services, giving your organization the freedom to leave routine customer interaction to us and focus on your core business activities. This freedom allows your organization to achieve operational excellence, give your external relationships the attention they deserve, and attain steady financial growth. With us serving as your partner, there’s no need to burden existing staff with these routine communications. We offer an industry-leading portfolio of communication services-no other provider has the breadth and depth of services for organizations large and small. Just as importantly, we are continually investing robust resources in call center infrastructure standardization and agent training-and raising our own performance standards in the process.

We recognize and embrace that our employees are the core of Appletree. Appletree strives to cultivate an environment that supports the development of our people. Our team is passionate about creating WOW experiences for our customers. That means that each member of Appletree is committed to earning not satisfied, but Loyal customers. We achieve this by ensuring that integrity drives every decision.


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Appletree Answering Service was founded in 1995. Since then, Appletree has experienced steady growth due to our intense dedication and determination to make Appletree Answering Service and call center solutions successful.

Appletree Answering Service was founded with the belief that exceptional quality drives everything and that we should always make our employees our #1 priority. These are still the core values that drive Appletree to be the company that it is today.

In recognition of the Company’s growth and service quality, Appletree has been recognized in the telecommunications industry in several ways. Appletree Answering Service is a three-time winner of Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Privately Held Businesses. For years, Appletree has participated in the Award of Excellence Program for both ATSI and CAM-X and we have won these prestigious industry
awards several times.

Our Mission

We provide communications solutions that combine a human touch and the appropriate technology to create a unique experience for customers.


To enhance the lives of our customers and employees one interaction at a time.

Our Core Values

Employees are Critical

Every employee is the heart of the company. We do not produce a product that we can package in a box and sell. We do not sell technology features, voice mail or automated functionality. We sell our people and their ability to deliver an exceptional experience. Without the human touch, our business would not be successful. Each one of our employees should understand and embrace the value they add to the organization! It is the job of everyone in the organization to work every day to make the lives of those around them better.

Think Like a Customer

When you are faced with a decision or challenge, take a second and think about it in terms of how the customer sees things. If you were the customer and someone at Appletree had the chance to serve you, would you react positively to the action you are about to take? What if you put YOUR delicate business in the hands of Appletree, would you be happy with the result? Think as if you were a Customer that turned their precious asset, their company, over to Appletree for service. Let that guide you in your actions and your decisions, Always!

Integrity Matters

There are dozens of meanings and interpretations of Integrity, but the one that applies most for Appletree asks, “Can you be proud of your actions, thoughts and words that were done or said when no one else was watching?” Integrity means doing the right thing for the Company and the Customer; regardless of how difficult or time consuming, even if no one is watching. This applies to every interaction, whether it is face to face, over the telephone or via email. The even simpler question, “Would this action or deed make my mother or grandmother proud?”

Be Quick, But Don't Hurry

Responding quickly is a central element of a Great Service Experience. Quickness inspires confidence in Customers, Employees and Vendors. It is a sign of a Company that has their act together and takes Customer Service very seriously. We need to always look at ways to move faster in serving Customers. But we must NEVER move faster at the expense of doing things RIGHT. Don’t rush and get it wrong, but be as quick as possible in doing it right.

Spirited Fun

There are many times that we spend more time at work than we do at home. By working together to ensure the environment we work in is one where we want to spend our time; it makes our time less like spending time at work and more like spending time with friends and family. We believe an atmosphere of Spirited Fun can only come from the ideas, energy and passion that each and every employee brings to our company. We understand it is important to be great at our jobs, however, we also recognize it is critical to have FUN when we work and celebrate the unique value that each employee adds to our company.

Take Care of Each Other

It is each and every person’s responsibility to take care of each other. We need to help each other to grow and learn. We need to lend assistance when another member of our team is struggling. We should always consider the other person’s perspective when making decisions or performing tasks. With this value as a cornerstone, our Company will be a much better and much happier place to be.

Small Details are Huge

Every action we take for a customer or an employee produces one of 3 responses: Creates Confidence, Reduces Confidence or is Neutral. Very few are Neutral. The fastest and easiest way to build confidence in Customers and Employees is to remember and anticipate. The secret to this is found in the “seemingly small details”. If customers and employees are saying, “wow, I can’t believe they remembered that” or “I can’t believe they thought of that” you are on the right track. If you are constantly apologizing for seemingly minor things…over time the customer will assume that if we miss the small things we probably miss the big things too. This will destroy customer confidence and ultimately destroy Appletree.

Our Culture

With a distinct emphasis on our people, Appletree believes in a culture of employee engagement and spirited fun! By investing in our people, we ensure a best place to work, yielding dedicated employees delivering a positive customer experience.

A recognized top place to work, Appletree invests in our people and our growth to better serve you as a customer.

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our Careers page.

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