E-commerce Call Center Services

The internet provides retail and e-commerce business with an ever-expanding customer base and business growth opportunity. But with an expanding business, and a service provided around the clock, support bandwidth becomes a concern. Appletree’s retail answering services and e-commerce call center services can:

women doing payment through credit card for her online shopping
  • Provide your customers with live representatives to answer questions

  • Help process orders or view records like shipment tracking and order history to guide callers

  • Support the sales process and verify membership status and benefits

  • Compile valuable call data to help drive important business decisions

Take the first step to improve customer support, and capturing more revenue

In consumer-driven markets, availability, price and service drive purchasing decisions. Appletree can be your strategic partner in customer support 24/7, delivering exceptional experiences through every customer interaction. Let Appletree manage your customer communication needs, whether answering the phone lines consistently representing your brand with the highest standards, acting as a virtual receptionist dedicated to supporting the sales process and addressing questions and concerns, or capturing revenue through e-commerce transactions and delivering outstanding service if processing returns. Click here to learn more about our Services & Solutions.

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