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Bill DelCampo (Owner, William DelCampo Mechanical Services)

“Appletree is very efficient, professional, and they always stay ahead of the industry with regards to technology and what they can offer their clients.”

Greg Makosky (Money Mailer)

“The Appletree service has been a tremendous help to our business. We have landed several new accounts on the weekends -a time when our incoming calls were previously going to voicemail!”

David Soler (Operations Director, SENOS PR)

“As an outsource supplier for SENOS PR, Appletree has excelled in reliable service, meeting the goals set forth in our company’s business plan, and exceeded the result for the growth of our women’s radiology practice. The numbers speak for themselves. They have been able to successfully manage the 24 hour, 7 days a week appointment scheduling program. We are truly pleased with the support given by Appletree and the professionalism of their staff.”

Diamond Phoenix Corp.

“Diamond Phoenix Corp. is a manufacturing and systems integrator of automated storage and retrieval equipment. Since we provide our customers with telephone support 24/7, it is essential for us to have a dependable after-hours answering service to forward the support calls to our technicians so they can assist our customers. We are very pleased with Appletree and the service they provide to help us keep our customers happy. Thanks Appletree! Keep up the good work!”

Stacy Young (Property Manager)

“We are in the business of commercial and residential property management. After using different answering services Appletree Answering Service has proven to be the best in their industry. The operators are always courteous and knowledgeable (even at 4:00 AM) and go above and beyond to get as much accurate information from the caller as possible. I would recommend their services to any business that strives for excellent customer service.”

Portia Summers, L.V.N. (Director of Field Operations, California Forensic Phlebotomy)

To Appletree Staff,

I would like to thank the Dispatchers and Supervisors. I appreciate all of you. I could not have organized my ride a longs and spot checks with my staff over the past two weeks without your help. I know you often hear complaints, but seldom are complimented on a job well done. Well, now I am.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for all your help. You guys rock!

Leonard Petersen (Warranty Manager, Bianchi Plumbing)

“Providing warranty service for a plumbing company is a 24/7 job. While I respond to the calls during regular hours, I heavily depend on Appletree for our weekend and after hour calls. For the last 5 years, they’ve been reliable and quickly responsive with our plumbing and HVAC issues. The staff at Appletree are very professional and treat our customers with care and compassion. They even email me a daily call log every morning to ensure that no call is missed. I would highly recommend Appletree to any company in need of an after hour call center.”

Bob Hartman (COO, Reyntech)

“We use Appletree Answering Service to increase productivity. Because Appletree agents let us know who’s on the line, we can accept the call or have the agent take a message. This virtually eliminates needless interruptions and saves us a substantial amount of time.”

Duane Dewsbury (HatsAmerica.com)

“Appletree has provided a great return on investment. I am able to concentrate on all other aspects of the business, because Appletree takes care of our telephone orders. I am very satisfied with the service.”

George Griffith (MOLLY MAID of Chelmsford)

“The Appletree service is an essential part of our business operation. Appletree allows us to be flexible and responsive for our clients, who have mentioned on many occasions the professionalism with which they are treated by the Appletree representatives.”

Ginger (Medical Office)

“After having many problems with our previous service we switched to Appletree several years ago, and have been happy ever since. Their staff members are professional and courteous to our patients and are very capable in directing our calls.”

Jim (Examination Station)

“I just love what you are doing, your Answering Service staff is great. I would like very much to give your office a Pizza Lunch. I have no idea of where to have pizza delivered to your staff in Florida. Personally, I love thin crust; Pizza Hut works for me, unless staff goes for another brand. That’s it then, and I reserve the right to repeat this every two weeks, as may be needed. Your staff is Awesome, and I hope most of your clients reward you for your hard work, as I shall, since there is more to picking up a phone call, than just taking a call.”

“I love the unseen support staff – my Apple Tree Answering Service – who man the Front Lines, in my service to others. They are the backbone of this industry!”

“AppleTree Answers is Great!!!”

James M. Baker (Mayor, Wilmington, DE )

“On behalf of the City of Wilmington and, particularly, my Office Of Cultural Affairs, I would like to thank Appletree for three years of fine service.

The success of Theature N at Nemours, the DuPont Clifford Brown Jazz Festival, the Riverfront Blues Festival and First Night Wilmington can be attributed in part to the role your staff played in taking orders for our patrons over the phone.

I would also like to mention that your staff has, at all times, been courteous, friendly and helpful to the people that call. Most people that call do not realize that they are speaking to an answering service, so the level of professionalism of your staff reflects well on the City of Wilmington.”

Dr. Martinko (Great Lakes Podiatry)

“Most hospitals offer an “answering service” to doctors, which the hospital uses for a small fee. This service is merely in the event that someone is trying to reach the doctor for an emergency situation or if another doctor is trying to reach them. Basically they will take the call then page the doctor.

The value that your service brings to a practice is so much more: Around the clock patient appointment scheduling and complete patient customer service for all issues, the ability to fill a doctor’s schedule with new clients and a direct line of communication to the doctor (via email and/or phone) for all medical issues. Furthermore, this service allows a medical practice to expand the custom base and customer service department without paying a dedicated person to sit there 24/7 to accept all these calls. From a business standpoint, this translates into better customer service without having to add the business expense of salary, health care coverage, workman’s comp coverage, sick days, etc. Out of necessity, many doctors have to add multiple locations to increase the pull of patients in order to generate the same amount of revenue that they did years ago with just one office. Keeping overhead low has become the name of the game. Overstaff and you’re back to square one.

I think you guys are selling yourself short by marketing yourselves as an “answering service”. I’ve also received very positive feedback from the patients who have reached the your call center. I refer to you more with my clients as my off-site receptionists.”

Christopher Breen (CEO, Metro United Communications)

“We continue to be amazed at the competence and the performance of the Appletree team. Our customers are number one, and in our offices, there is nothing more important than catering to the customers every need. With Appletree Answering Service, we never have to worry that a customer will not be treated exactly as we would handle them. Their professionalism and efforts to accommodate every customer call are extravagant, and we can’t believe we ever worked without the Appletree team!”

Stacy Young (Property Manager)

“We are in the business of commercial and residential property management. After using different answering services Appletree Answering Service has proven to be the best in their industry. The operators are always courteous and knowledgeable (even at 4:00 AM) and go above and beyond to get as much accurate information from the caller as possible. I would recommend their services to any business that strives for excellent customer service.”

Jim Gillespie (Branch Manager, Canteen Service Company)

“I would like to take a minute and offer a great big THANK YOU to you and your staff during the recent ice storm. We lost our phone service for 4 days!! Your staff performed in spades for us, especially Zach! We were on a first name basis because I talked to him so often. Please pass along our thanks to everyone.”

John Holahan (Founder & CEO, SimplyThick)

“We have worked with Appletree from the time of our product launch in 2002 and have grown exponentially since then. The dedicated account team knows our product and its uses as if they were internal employees and the quality of each call continues to surpass my expectations. I’ve never felt a need to look elsewhere.”

John Helvey (President, Advanced Solar Film)

“I have been affiliated with this family of companies (Appletree) for 30 years and have always found them to have an extremely reliable service and the most technologically advanced equipment.”

Loren England (Saint Luke's Health System)

“Appletree is an ideal vendor. They’re the most customer-oriented company I’ve worked with. Anything we ask, they do. From providing timely responses to customizing how our departments are billed, Appletree has shown that our needs matter to them.”


Fones4All provides affordable phone service to low income households.

“Fones4All stroked a partnership agreement with Appletree Answering Service back in June of 2004 to handle our weekend and overflow call volume. From day one, Appletree has proven to be a professional, efficient and reliable call center. They not only take the time to understand the magnitude of your project, but they also take pride and ownership in managing the project. Their experience not only allows them to ask the right questions, but they are proactive in their approach to obtain information and ensure that their solution is accurate and precise. This has translated into a better close ratio for our company. Additionally, Appletree submits reports on a timely basis, so information can be analyzed and changes made to best fit our market’s dynamics. Fones4All is very pleased to have a partner in Appletree.”

Linda Louder (Attorney at Law, Louder Law Group)

“A reliable answering service is a vital necessity to my law practice. I wanted my clients greeted warmly and professionally. I then wanted the messages conveyed to me as soon as humanly possible. I interviewed numerous services before deciding upon Appletree Answering Service.

Now, 5 years later, I am still pleased with the level of service I receive. Employees have always handled my account with the highest level of professionalism. If I was displeased with an outcome, they quickly remedied the matter to my satisfaction.

I would recommend Appletree Answering Service to any serious minded business. I have always felt that their level of service is rare and commendable.”

Kevin Krooks (Director of Marketing, Grand Foods)

“We have been with Appletree for over twelve years and couldn’t be happier. We have confidence in their ability to get emergency calls to us rapidly and accurately. Our customers depend on us to be there when they need us, and thanks to Appletree, we have always been able to respond. They know our business so well that when we list a new phone number for an on call employee, they call to confirm. They are the best.”

In a diverse business market, impression management is key to developing a successful company. Grand Foods owes a great deal of success to Appletree Answering Service. Its contribution through prompt service, professional courtesy, and adapting to our eclectic customer base is immensely valuable.”

Thanks again Appletree we could not have done it without you.”

Duane Dewsbury (HatsAmerica.com)

“Appletree has provided a great return on investment. I am able to concentrate on all other aspects of the business, because Appletree takes care of our telephone orders. I am very satisfied with the service.”

Patricia Parnell (Director of Patient Services, Harmony Care Hospice)

“I was familiar with Appletree from a previous job. So, when Harmony Care Hospice was ready for an answering service I recommended Appletree. They’re always reliable in processing the calls and solving any problems that may arise.”

Patty Freeman (Owner, Hawaii Vacation Rentals)

“Having Appletree as our partner allows us to give immediate service to our guests and customers. Appletree’s ability to reach us 24/7 has given us the opportunity to have our office closed at certain times and still know that we are not going to miss one call and even more important giving our guests the comfort of knowing they are reaching a real person who is going to help them get through to Hawaii Vacation Rentals,”

Margi Prueitt (American Red Cross)

“Congratulations on being named the “Entrepreneurial Success”! You certainly epitomize that spirit and passion – something I still find fascinating and energizing. Thank you for the fine service you and your team give to Red Cross disaster clients, to the families of our military members, and to those who want to learn how to save a life. We salute you!”

Stephanie Miller (General Manager, Marriott ExecuStay Western Hub Office)

“At Marriott ExecuStay, being available to our guests 24/7 is critical. Appletree Answers is a trusted vendor whose staff answers our phones when our offices are closed. They provide a crucial customer service touch point by connecting our guests with urgent, after hour needs to our on-call staff who can respond to these requests.”

Tony Ivey (Director of Operations, I-CARE)

“In order to achieve this high standard of service, I-CARE, Inc. has partnered with Appletree Answering Service since December of 2006. Appletree increases their ability to inform their staff expeditiously of important patient issues after work hours. “Appletree has been an asset to our company; allowing quick and informed responses to our patient’s needs on a 24 hour basis.”

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