Virtual Receptionist

How your phones are answered says a lot about your people, your business, and your work culture. Hiring, training, and managing personnel can be very expensive and time consuming. Appletree offers live virtual receptionist service that will professionally answer your calls, schedule appointments, and provide your customers with the same care they have come to expect from you, while saving 40% over the cost of hiring a fulltime person! In addition to eliminating the need to compensate a secretary, a virtual receptionist will allow you to efficiently prioritize your day to make sure you are not spending unwarranted time answering phone calls.

Virtual Receptionist for Call Answering and Appointment Scheduling

Providing 24/7 Coverage

With 24/7 coverage, we will make sure all of your calls are answered live by our Customer Experience Experts.

  • 24/7 call answering for call screening, forwarding or live transferring by call center experts lets your business stay open year-round

  • Toll-free or local phone number ensures your company is represented on a national or local presence, based on your preference

  • Scheduling of appointments and estimates generates revenue and maximizes profitability for your business

  • Emergency dispatch to on-call staff based on your protocols drive only the highest priority calls to you or your staff

  • Message delivery flexibility customizes how you receive your messages: via email, text, web, phone call, or fax

  • Bi-lingual experts provide multiple languages to expand your market potential

Consider The True Cost Of Hiring A Receptionist


Voicemail Services

We have the most innovative Voicemail and Interactive Response options on the market today. Some of our Voicemail answering service features include:

  • Customizable Greeting

  • Caller ID read before messages

  • Text or email notification

  • Prompts and additional mailboxes for multi-business users

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